For more than 60 years, our culture has fostered creativity and provided our employees with a favorable environment to devise novel concepts that are eventually transformed into successful products and services. With such creativity and experience, Valois Pharma has built a solid portfolio of more than 300 international patents. To provide the most valuable solution to our customers, Valois Pharma operates under a cross-disciplined multi-cultural project model. With such a process and our prolific experience from hundreds of customer projects over the years, Valois Pharma is continuously improving and imparting this continuous progress back to our customers.

Valois Pharma uses Quality by Design (QbD) to ensure product understanding and quality from early concept development phases through to industrial production.

As an essential contribution to device development and fine tuning Valois Pharma involve patients and healthcare professionals in scientific evaluations and usability trials of each novel concept device.

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