Every day more than 100 Valois Pharma experts supported by
external consultants and partners research, develop and
validate what will become creative solutions for tomorrow.

Valois Pharma R&D activity is a blend of customer
and in-house projects.

Every year, Valois Pharma invests
about 7% of its revenues in R&D
and innovation.
This high commitment translates into
a portfolio of more than 300 patents.


We believe Quality begins with  
our people and our organization.
Quality experts are not only part of the
production teams but are also instrumental
R&D project team-members incorporating Quality
into product design from the beginning and throughout
development programs.

Another essential piece of Quality lies with the equipment,
processes and facilities. Valois Pharma has been pioneering  
the use of clean rooms (ISO 7) for the manufacturing and developing
innovative manufacturing processes such as I.M.A.T. (In-Mold Assembly
Technology). All of our production facilities around the globe have been constantly
expanded and upgraded to meet customer's expectations and demand.

With its worldwide presence, Valois Pharma is recognized as a global
solution-provider of outstanding quality.
Our supply chain and technical experts are established locally in many countries around the world to provide fast and efficient service to all our customers.

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